Keto One

What The Health introduces the first UK formulated, all in one ketogenic tablet. The ketogenic diet revolves around the low-carb and the high-fat and is often touted for health benefits such as healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. When in ketosis,  your body burns through fatty acids instead of sugar or glucose. What The Health’s Keto One tablet boosts effectiveness and helps kickstart your ketosis process.

What The Health’s Keto One Tablet combines the electrolyte replenishing qualities of BHB salts with the energising powers of MCT oil and Apple Cider Vinegar’s health-enhancing attributes to create the perfect partner to any ketogenic lifestyle. This is not another ‘magic keto pill’ but some natural help to keep you on track and give you a boost of nutrients your body craves when following the diet.


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Key Features

  • Unique blend of ingredients designed for the Keto Diet
  • Easy to take capsule to help kick start the ketosis process.
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


  • Helps burn fats and lose weight
  • Provides energy for body and mind
  • Reduces feelings of hunger
  • Several other benefits are subject to research


Suggested use

What The Health recommends two of our Keto One tablets per day, as part of a balanced Keto diet. This product is designed for adults.

Consult a doctor if you have medical conditions that may be affected by starting a Keto diet.

Why Choose What The Health?

It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, however due to numerous factors, sometimes our minds and bodies need additional support. At Whatthehealth we have researched the nutrition and health market and sourced a range of products that may aid your diet, health and wellbeing. To ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality, all our products are sourced from accredited manufacturers and made to the highest GMP standards. The vast majority of our products are sourced locally in the UK.

4 reviews for Keto One

  1. Jane Simmons

    Love them, I used to order similar ones from America for more than double the price! These are much easier to swallow and stronger. Have recommended to every one

  2. John Ried

    Perfect thank you! I bought all of these ingredients separate anyway so it’s saved me money and more convenient, will be buying again

  3. Sharon Whittaker

    Perfect thank you very happy

  4. Sharon

    Will buy these over and over again, great customer service!

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