Ketone Testing Strips

What The Health's Ketone Testing Strips are a quick, accurate and easy way to measure your body's ketones to see if you are in Ketosis. A must-have for anyone starting their keto journey. 




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Product Overview

A quick and accurate way of measuring your body’s state of ketosis in just a few seconds. What The Health’s Ketone Testing Strips are extremely easy to use and much cheaper than blood strip testing kits.

The ketogenic diet thrives off the low-carb and high-fat. It is often touted for health benefits such as healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. However, it can be tricky to monitor and maintain a state of ketosis. What The Health’s Keto Testing Strips are a quick and easy solution, allowing you to optimise your diet and lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

Simply immerse the absorbent end of the strip in a sample of your urine for a few seconds before removing it. Wait for the Keto Testing Strips to change colour, then compare it with the colour chart provided. The darker the colour, the higher your ketone levels. What The Health’s Keto Testing Strips are the perfect tool for an effective Keto diet.

Key Features

  • Fast and reliable Ketone Testing Strips 
  • Used to test ketosis for people following ketogenic, low carb or paleo diets. 
  • Developed by doctors
  • Ketone Testing Strips are used by diabetics
  • Made from quality ingredients

Suggested Use

1) Take out a single test strip 

2) Expose the tip of the pad to urine and wait for 15 seconds

3) Compare the colour of the test strip to the colour chart on the bottle

Why Us?

Why choose What The Health’s Ketone Testing Strips?… At What The Health, we source and formulate all of the ingredients here in the UK under strict manufacturing procedures so you can be assured that every product that leaves What The Health’s door is of the highest quality. We work hard with our suppliers and their trained nutritionists to source the best ingredients which are tried and tested. Our products are backed by science and What The Health are here to make your health and wellness journey simple.


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